‘pregorexia’: Extreme Dieting By Moms-to-be

No one knew how horrible she felt about herself. “The biggest factor is the shame because what mom … would be restricting her calories or over-exercising and hurting her baby?” said Baumann. Celebrity media culture plays a role It has almost become a given now in our tabloid and celebrity media-obsessed culture, said Claire Mysko, spokeswoman for the National Eating Disorders Association, that any time a celebrity is pregnant, there will be a 24/7 focus on how much weight she gains and how quickly she loses it. Think Kate Middleton.
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Is Dieting Worth the Trouble?


The Institute of Medicine considers a diet successful if people lose just 5 percent of their starting weight and maintain that weight loss for a year. A 200-pound woman, for example, would need to lose only 10 pounds and keep it off for a year to be considered a successful dieter, even though this amount of weight loss won’t make her thin, nor is it even likely to move her down a dress size. This standard is not only remarkably lax but has no medical rationale. If this definition sounds as strange to you as it does to us, you should know that this was not always the case. The original standard recommended by physicians was arbitrary, but you would be hard-pressed to call it lax.
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RatingDietPlans.com Has Created The Ultimate List of Holiday Dieting Tips

PR Newswire TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 20, 2013 TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — http://www.RatingDietPlans.com , a website designed to help people find their perfect diet plan, has released a November feature titled ” 26 Holiday Dieting Tips That Will Keep You Food Coma Free! ” While many think of the holiday season as “the most wonderful time of the year”, there are also those that absolutely dread this time. For those that are watching their waistlines and trying to lose weight, the holiday season can be some of the most stressful times because of the never-ending temptations that creep up at each and every holiday event they attend. Even simple shopping trips and family gatherings can lead to overeating because, during the hustle and bustle garcinia cambogia dr oz of the holiday season, most tend to throw their weight loss goals out the window and figure they can start over come New Year’s Day.
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Dieting Companies Now Targeting Men

Jeff Romig with his wife, Kacy Goebel Romig, in 2009.

Enter a slew of new ads from the biggest names in dieting: Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. Weight Watchers took a direct approach, with television spots that explicitly tell men it’s OK to diet. One commercial proclaims “Weight Watchers online is for men, too,” and, as a nod to the brand’s more feminine advertising of yore: “It’s not all rainbows and lollipops.” “Women really appreciate the fact that we are recognizing it as a widespread societal problem,” said David Burwick, president of Weight Watchers North America. Beyond the multimillion-dollar campaign lies the hope for company expansion.
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Beyonce’s Bootylicious Dieting Secrets Revealed

Reading labels is important in making not only sticking to your calorie count, but that you are getting the protein, fiber, or other nutrients garcinia cambogia reviews that you need. OK, but is dieting good for you? It depends. Too much dieting, of course, can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food or other not-so-great consequences. A new study has found that dieting may lead to starvation in more ways than one; in fact, dieting may cause your brain cells to eat themselves in order to sustain energy, which may actually lead you to feel hungrier.
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Cutting Calories, High-Protein Foods More Effective Than Crash Dieting For Weight Loss

She cites the American Heart Association, which claims that obese people are at an increased risk of heart disease and weight loss is crucial for reducing those risks. Additionally, Dr. Rankin wrote that studies have linked low muscle mass, especially when accompanied by high body fat, with disease risk. In other words, body composition, rather than fat or weight alone, may be a better indicator of health. Changing body composition relies on a person’s energy intake (the amount and type of foods they eat) and expenditure (how they burn calories by working out).
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Should You Be Dieting? The Pros and Cons

In a new article from New York magazines The Cut, Rebecca Harrington chronicles her 10-day experience doing Beyonces dieting regimens. Beyonce Duets with Blind Fan in Australia Harrington lost a whopping 10 pounds in 10 days, starting with the master cleanse, a liquid-only diet made up of drinking lemonade made of cayenne pepper, lemons and grade B maple syrup nine times a day. Beyonce resuscitated that diet to lose 20 pounds for Dreamgirls, Harrington, who followed the strict diet regimen drinking the concoction nine times a day, told ABC News. Day four of the diet is the cheat day. Beyonce has a cheat day every week where she eats a lot of different things, said Harrington.
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Editor Obsessions: Tracy Anderson Fitness Gear, Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lipstick And More

With endless social functions and festive parties filling up our calendars quickly, it’s the perfect time of year to try out new beauty products or enliven our wardrobes with a few stylish staples. First, we can’t help but get in the holiday mood when trying out new red lipsticks, and Elizabeth Arden ‘s new line of Beautiful Color shades are among the prettiest we’ve seen yet! The color is phenomenal, and best of all, it lasts all night long. What more could a girl ask for? PHOTOS: Celeb airport style We’ve also taken a liking to Kelley Baker’s highlighter pencil , a brilliant tool for adding radiance and definition to the eye area; as well as VoCe ‘s Refresh Me dry shampoo for quick touch-ups in the morning when time is scarce.
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Twitter HQ lands big fitness center

Twitter HQ lands big fitness center

The exercise facility will be Fitness SFs sixth Bay Area location. The group recently bought a 31,000-square-foot facility in the Fillmore. While Twitter has its own fitness center, General Manager Don Dickerson said the Market Square gym would be offer much that the typical corporate workout center doesnt have. It will have three studios, a designated pilates room, and lots of functional training and personal training classes.
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Mental Health Providers To Pay Nm For Overbilling

(AP) Two of more than a dozen behavioral health providers in New Mexico under investigation for possible fraud have agreed to repay the state $4.2 million for improperly billing for services, Gov. Susana Martinez ‘s administration announced Monday. The state will recover $4 million from Presbyterian Medical Services and $240,000 from Youth Development Inc., according to the Human Services Department The settlements clear the way for the state to restore Medicaid payments to the nonprofit organizations for mental health and substance abuse services they provide to needy New Mexicans. However, the department said there will be greater billing and management oversight of both providers. The companies were among 15 nonprofit organizations that were suspended in late June from receiving Medicaid reimbursements because of allegations of fraud, mismanagement and billing problems.
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Hidden barrier to mental health treatments in community health centers

And we again urge state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R-West Allis) to push forward on a bill that would move authority over mental health care from county government to a regional commission or panel of medical professionals. County supervisors have argued that they are moving from the institutional model based on the complex to a system that involves more community care, but there is still stiff resistance from some to a plan by County Executive Chris Abele to downsize the facility, much of it stemming from union resistance to the idea. Supervisors opposed to the idea argue that Abele is moving too fast and jeopardizing the safety of long-term patients.
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Follow prescription for better mental health care system

The outmoded Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex is simply not working the way it should.

4, researchers at the George Washington University School published findings addressing the gap between mental and medical care at community health centers . The availability of mental health services at community health centers are dependent on insurance reimbursement succeeding the primary medical care. This is a barrier to receiving mental health services. Medcaid is the major source of insurance revenue for health centers.
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